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Because we care about our children and pets, our speed limit is 5 mph...
Yes, we know that is  S L O W but, relax... You're on Cove time, now!

"Electric" Golf Carts Only! No Gas!
The speed limit at Indian Cove Resort is 5 MPH



 Just a reminder... Dogs MUST be on a leash and dog poop MUST be picked up immediately.  This includes the dog park.  In addition, Pelican Point is desinated for tent  sites.  We do have members who tent camp and they do not appreciate dog "refuse" on their site.  

If you do not pick up your dog's refuse, immediately, you will be assessed a $50 fine, per the Standing Rules & Regulations. Please, help us keep the park clean and safe for all to enjoy! 


Members may be tied to bulkhead!
Please obey the "no wake"!

Please note, wash permits for campers are $10. For cars and trucks, it's $5.00 -  NO WASHING from Memorial Day to Labor Day

Daily 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM 
Office (757) 426-2601
Patrol (757) 407-1191


We are affiliated with Coast to Coast.